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Project Nicaragua is a nonprofit organization that partners with student and community leaders in Nicaragua and the United States to create sustainable projects in a multitude of areas. We engage communities through ongoing dialogue and collaboration to understand local challenges and create realistic solutions. We are committed to using an evidence based approach to develop our projects and measure our progress to best serve the needs of under-resourced communities.  

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Many of Project Nicaragua's university chapters work in partnership with local teachers and community leaders to create curriculum for students in the area that may be falling behind in school. The curriculums have helped in many areas, ranging from core subjects, such as math and science, to more skill-based subjects, such as leadership seminars and business practices. University students continue to implement the curriculum even when they are not in Nicaragua, through the use of recorded and live videos.

The Sewing center is a project that was started

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The bakery was created in 2012 as a part of a hands-on initiative to empower and educate young people in Rancho Grande. Students from Tierra Prometida received a micro-loan from Project Nicaragua to jump-start their business. A local baker was hired to help the students learn cooking techniques and recipes in accordance with the unique climate and culture of Nicaragua. The bakery continues to be a helpful source of income and learning opportunities for students.










We engage university students by providing tools and guidance to facilitate project and partnership development. Check out our current chapters!

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